I meet my clients unique needs with sensitive attention to detail and enthusiasm in my bodywork. My passion for functional movement, yoga, partner acrobatics and the simple healing powers of breath awareness developed into a love of hands-on bodywork. I have been a certified and passionate yoga teacher for many years, and an unabashed dancer since I was born. 

I began my massage training in Chiang Mai, Thailand studying the stretching and pressure-point work of Thai Massage. After returning state-side, I graduated from the National Holistic Institute College of Massage with over 900-hours in deep study of Swedish, Deep Tissue, Acupressure, Chi Nei Sung (belly massage), Myofascial Therapy, Tui Na, Shiatsu, and Trigger Point therapy. I meet all my clients with a mixture of modalities that best suits their bodies.

I use breathwork in my sessions, supporting and encouraging a deeper breathing pattern. I believe watching and playing with how we breathe is an essential key to healing. I believe that the body is healing itself all the time, forgiving all the harm we knowingly and unknowingly inflict upon it. As a healer I can only allow that natural process to unfold, and get out of it's way.



Teaching Schedule (Updated February 2018):

MONDAYS...7:45-8:45p Left Coast Power Yoga (Uptown) - Beginner/Intermediate hatha/vinyasa foundational flow.

WEDNESDAYS...7-8am Left Coast Power Yoga (Grand) Yoga for early-birds to heat their day up right from the start.

FRIDAYS...6-7:30p IRONWORKS Berkeley - A mix of flow and hatha yoga. Breathy. Sweaty. Fun. 

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Yoga is the practice of mindful breath, connection, and awareness. The physical asana approach addresses how we face a challenge, physical and otherwise- and the art of smiling when you fall on your ass. To me, yoga is the integration of mind, body and spirit through breath awareness. Yoga is the process of making the unconcious concious. This process is challenging, and designed to give our overactive minds something to work with. You’ll be encouraged to adapt your breath to these challenges, to even make a little sound. Stillness is just as important as flow; seated meditation is key to unlocking a movement practice, to wake up to our true motivations. We will practice the full range of postures, the fancy and familiar. I taught classes at Ironworks Climbing Gym, Left Coast Power Yoga, Great Western Power Company climbing gym, Oakland Hills Tennis Club, Earth Tribe in Oakland, and Yoga to the People in Berkeley, San Francisco, and New York. I provide private instruction as well in-home and in office settings.


GREAT pressure! I didn’t even realize I had a knot in my shoulder but the work she did on it lessened the pain. Kellyn’s touch feels very mindful and nurturing. So glad I got to experience her massage!
— Lizzie N.